Will Velux Windows Increase the Value of my House?

Will Velux Windows Increase the Value of my House?

These days, when we make adaptations or additions to our homes, we usually do so with a consideration of whether those changes will benefit the value of our property.

After all, even if you plan to stay within your home for a long period, it’s nice to know that you can earn a good portion of your money back when you decide to take it to market.

As an energy-saving and attractive solution for giving light to any space, Velux windows are largely regarded to be a fantastic way to add value to your home.

Velux Windows Provide Energy Efficiency

After they have been professionally installed, Velux windows allow the warmth of the sun to fill your room and keep your internal temperatures steady – leading to lower energy consumption and lighter, airier spaces. This a fantastic selling point for your house in a world that’s constantly searching for new ways to make properties more energy efficient.

Aside from using passive thermal solutions to improve heat in your home during the summer, and reduce energy leaking during the winter, Velux windows also offer around 18% more natural daylight than standard windows – reducing your need for electrical lights. In terms of energy efficiency, Velux windows offer a low U-Value of 1.2.

Aesthetic Appeal and Ventilation

Of course, there’s more to selling a home than reassuring a buyer that you can offer them incredible energy efficiency with your new windows. The elegant design of the Velux windows also allow you to get more light into a room – effectively transforming a space. The soft and natural light that Velux windows provide is easy on the eyes and perfect for upgrading the overall appearance of your home.

If that wasn’t enough the recent generation of Velux roof windows can be purchased with a background ventilation system that allows fresh air to move around the room even when the window is shut. This allows you to enjoy better air quality while more heat can move around your property. In other words, your home increases in value by offering better comfort for anyone who lives there.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

While there are many ways to increase the value of your property, a two-in-one combo of energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal offered by Velux windows is a good place to start. Add in improved air quality and you’ve got a window solution that’s impossible to ignore.

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