The re-roofing experts
We are a family-run business with over 30 years’ experience. For all your re-roofing requirements in Leeds, we are the company to call. Eventually, all roofs succumb to time and will need replacing. When this happens, ‘re-roofing’ is the term used to describe the building of a new roof, or considerable repair work to an old roof, to bring it back up to specification.

Roof types

We re-roof all roof types. Whatever the pitch, whatever the material, we have the skills and contacts in the trade to get the job done.

Recent projects include re-roofing work using Yorkshire stone, slate tiles and thatch. We commonly replace flat roofs. Sometimes, our customers want to change their roof material to change the look of their property. This is also fine with us.

We’ve worked on all manner of buildings from medieval churches to factories and mills. One thing all projects have shared with us is the need for a quality new roofing system. Not just in terms of materials and workmanship, but in design and application too.

For this reason, we always use the best materials. These might include breathable felt, galvanized nails, alloy nails and lead. We can also use lead-free flashing if needed. The most important thing to remember with a new roof is it needs designing properly. It should be properly ventilated, and it should have an adequate pitch.

Affordable re-roofing

One of our commitments to our customers is to always provide a competitive price on re-roofing work. Wherever possible, we will also provide multiple options, so that our customers have choice. We don’t claim to be the cheapest roofers, but we are certainly the most experienced in our area. Plus, we guarantee all re-roofing work for up to fifteen years and the materials we use have their own warranties.

The cost of your new roof depends on its size, type of product, location, fittings and accessories. We’ll be able to quote you after a free survey.

Local Reputation

It’s more than likely that someone who you know will have already used us and would highly recommend our flat roofing services. We pride ourselves on our reputation and quality of service within our local area.

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