Things to Consider Before Performing Roof Work on a Listed Property.

Things to Consider Before Performing Roof Work on a Listed Property.

To many, the listed building scheme is one of the great successes of the Conservative government.

It ensured that today, hundreds of thousands of properties across the length and breadth of the country are protected from demolition or changes which would affect their historic importance. It’s a piece of legislation which has ensured that countless unique, important and beautiful structures have remained in our landscape, and to that end, it has been an absolute triumph.

With all that said however, the rules and regulations surrounding listed properties means that working on them can be more difficult than working on a non-listed building. The issues become even more confused when talking about roof work. So, let’s take a look at what you need to consider.

Even the roof is listed.

The support documentation for those seeking listed building permission states that “When a building is listed, it is listed in its entirety, which means that both the exterior and the interior are protected” before going on to say that any objects of structures affixed to the building are also listed. For those planning to undertake roofing work on a listed building then, you’re going to need planning permission to do so.

Listed building consent is a type of planning control, designed to protect the essential character and importance of a building with special architectural or historical importance. In the eyes of Historic England and your local council, the roof of the property in question might be integral to its listed status.

As such, you should never attempt to undergo roofing work without first seeking consent.

Work will likely be delayed.

Because of that consent, you can expect to have your schedule pushed back. Once you’ve submitted your plans to the council, they could take up to a month to deliberate on your case before passing judgement. Even then, they may come back with demands you’re not comfortable with, which could force you back into the planning stage for yet more discussion.

Be prepared for higher costs.

Performing roof repairs on a listed property might cost you more than a similar, non-listed property. The reasons, of course, are related to preservation. You may be asked to use specific materials or techniques during the repairs which require dedicated craftspeople to join your working team. This may not be the case, but it’s worth keeping in mind as you move towards the repair of your listed property.

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