The benefits of velux windows

The benefits of velux windows

Depending on the shape of your house, fitting in normal windows that are only placed vertically may present a problem if the layout of the home isn’t quite tailored to where windows should ideally be placed to let in the most light.

Light makes a huge difference to your general mood at the best of times, and everybody loves the sunshine. This is why it makes perfect sense to introduce as much light as possible and really bring out the features in your house you have worked hard on.

Light in difficult spaces

If you have a room with an attic, tall roofs or just some generally awkward geometric feature somewhere in your abode, Velux windows could be exactly what you are looking for.

What is so good about Velux though? Why does everyone keep talking about them? As the world’s leading manufacturer of this type of centre-pivot roof window, they have established themselves successfully as the go-to when looking to bring light into dark spaces.

Open or really open

These windows pop open all the way as well, so if you have a good view somewhere it should be considered essential to get one of these involved so you can really appreciate it and relax whilst taking it in, rather than maintaining some difficult angles from the living room.

If it happens to be a bit more blustery, don’t worry about them suddenly taking flight and disappearing. They also come with latches similar to most windows, so you can leave it open for a breeze to drift in without all of the insects and birds joining you for dinner.

The way this opens on the pivot is particularly exciting as it can allow the window to be installed lower down and therefore bring in more light and a better view.

If you were thinking that you would have a bed, wardrobe or other furniture almost exactly where you wanted the window to also go, this isn’t a problem either as they can be opened one handed, and you don’t have to reach out really far to pull it back in unlike typical vertical windows.

In case you have kids running about and you are worried for their safety, they can also be equipped with locks like other windows, so there is an easy precaution to take to ensure the safety of everyone who also wants to enjoy a great view.

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