Roof maintenance tips for the winter months

Roof maintenance tips for the winter months

Visual inspection

If you get the opportunity to do so, you should inspect your roof for any loose tiles and moss growth.

When the weather is dry, you can also check your roof for damp patches on the tiles, which suggest water has made its way beneath the roof tiles.

Remove roof moss

If you have roof moss, it is best to remove it. Moss can severely damage the structural integrity of any roof. To remove moss, you can use a long thick-bristled brush. However, for a proper fix, you will need to treat the roof. There are a variety of products on the market for this, although a 50:50 mix of liquid chlorine bleach and water works well.

Refit loose roof tiles

Loose roof tiles will cause a leak in your home, whether you see the leak or not. It is always best to have a reputable roofer inspect your roof under the circumstances, since some issues can only be detected at roof height. Refitting loose roof tiles is a relatively straightforward job for a professional roofer, so it won’t cost you much to put right.

Unclog your gutters

Glugged gutters rot wooden fascia boards and can cause exterior wall damage. Prior to winter, it is best to get them cleared of any debris so that water can run off your roof and into a drain. Clearing gutters is a straightforward job although since the job is performed at height, it is best to hire an experienced person to do it for you.

If your roof develops a leak

If your roof develops a leak in the winter months, you should call a roofer immediately so that the cause can be determined. It may be possible to patch up the roof to stop the leak as a short-term solution. A proper solution, which would be a complete fix, may require dry weather which means waiting until the season changes. Things like loose roof tiles and holes in felt can be fixed by a roofer to stop the source of the leak.

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