Popular roof tile brands in 2019

Popular roof tile brands in 2019

The difference in cost between generic and branded roof tiles is around 30% in favour of generic roof tiles. However, the quality of certain branded tiles far exceeds that of the generic type. They are more durable, and more often than not they have no imperfections which could lead to cracks and premature failure.

There are over a dozen roof tile brands in the United Kingdom. Some are British, while others are European, and most focus on a particular product. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular brands so you can approach your roofer with an idea about the brands available.


Artstone is made by Greys Roofing who are a leading producer of artificial slate roof tiles. Their products include Greys Artstone, a reproduction stone slate, and Greys Artslate, which is a reproduction diminishing welsh and green slate.

These roof tiles are popular because they mimic natural slate perfectly, yet they are more durable and lighter than the real thing. They look like natural stone when cut and weather like stone, not concrete. They are approved for conservation areas and are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Find out more here.


Tapco are another leading manufacturer of artificial slate roof tiles. Their product weighs even less than Artstone – around 12kg per square metre – making it highly suited as a solid roof replacement for conservatories and orangeries. Tapco tiles can also be used on porches and outbuildings. They can also be used on houses.


Marley roof tiles can be purchased in a number of hardware stores online. They make a wide variety of roof tiles, from interlocking clay pantiles and plain clay tiles, to interlocking concrete slate tiles. Marley are a very well-known and respected brand who have operated in the industry for more than 100 years.

BMI Redland

BMI Redland’s range of roof tiles and slates are widely used in the new build construction sector. They mainly manufacture concrete roof tiles which are available in a variety of designs, from plain to regent. Most of the products are interlocking and they also do profile designs such as pantile, renown and postel.


Wienerberger are one of the most popular roof tile brands. Their range of clay roof tiles vary in design, from natural and fresh to rustic. They are one of the few brands to offer a wide series of grey and anthracite roof tiles made from clay. Their Actua Slate Engobe roof tile is a good example of an artificial clay slate done well.

SIG Roofing

SIG Roofing are another popular roof tile brand in 2019. Their range of clay roof tiles is among the best on the market. They also do industrial roofing which conforms to industry standards. Most of the tiles SIG Roofing make are concrete and plain tiles, but they also do natural slate tiles which are branded as SIGA Slate.

To find out more about the roofing brands we use and recommend (we’re big fans of Artstone), call us today on 0113 293 4038.

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