Now’s the time to have your gutters cleaned

Any roofer will tell you that it’s difficult and in cases impossible to clean, repair and maintain guttering in the winter.

The reason for this is rather simple – high winds and rain do not play nice with ladders or the tools required to perform a gutter job. While the most daring of roofers will be able to get into a position where gutter maintenance is possible, things like bolts and sealants are difficult to work with in gale-force conditions.

And also, sealants won’t set right if the guttering is not clean and dry.

If you have noticed that your gutters are leaking, they could be leaking because of a variety of reasons. The most common cause is corrosion. The second most common cause is a blockage, although this doesn’t manifest itself as a trickle; a blockage usually manifests as a lack of water entering your drain from your gutter pipe. If a blockage gets too bad, your gutters may start to overflow around your property.

Now that it’s getting warmer and the rain less frequent, it’s time to have your gutters cleaned. Why? Because your gutters will have picked up a lot of dirt and grime from your roof over the winter period and their ability to collect water will be reduced. What’s more, stones, grout and tiling may be affecting the flow of water in your gutters. If water can’t escape, it can stagnate and corrode your guttering, especially if your guttering is cast iron or wooden. Plastic guttering is less prone to this, but it can still occur.

So no matter what your gutters are made out of, it’s prudent to keep an eye on them to make sure that they are able to cope with rain, snow and all other elements.

Roundhay Roofing can offer you a wide variety of gutter services from cleaning, repairs and general maintenance to complete or partial replacement. If you have discovered a leak or you think that your guttering is not performing as it should, we can come round to your property, take a look at your guttering and inform you of the best course of action – repair, cleaning, replacement etc. Most house and business premises gutters simply need a good clean to blast out the scum, but especially with cast iron and wooden gutters general maintenance is needed to ensure that they stay healthy and perform as they should.

We are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. We are based in the Leeds area and we work with domestic and business customers to ensure the health and longevity of guttering, along with all aspects of roofing. If you seek the services of a reputable, local roofing company, you can trust Roundhay Roofing. What’s more, all of our work is guaranteed and we offer free competitive quotations.

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