Maintenance tips for your roof this summer

Maintenance tips for your roof this summer

In Great Britain, we have very odd seasons. Summer can see temperatures of upwards of 30°C and lows of 5°C.

We are of course used to this and on the whole, the buildings in Great Britain do a good job when it comes to standing against dodgy weather. However, homeowners should consider the state of their roof during the summer, because cracks and faults can occur which will only present themselves when the weather gets really wet.

Check your roof once a month

We advise everybody we know to check their roof for damage once a month. If you cannot do this yourself, then a local roofer, such as ourselves, will happily do it for you. Unless you are a roofer, we do usually recommend a professional inspect your roof for safety reasons.

Look out for birds nesting

Nesting season is from 1st March to 31st July. The law makes it very clear that any active nests should be protected until the young have fledged. If you have birds nesting in your roof we recommend you contact a reputable roofer for advice. We would likely recommend a course of action outside the nesting season. It may also be a requirement that a new nest site be created if you close up your roof. All wild birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, so always take this into account.

Get rid of moss growth

Moss on a roof can cause tiles to become misaligned which will cause leaks. Moss also absorbs moisture which can’t escape and this can cause roof decay. Moss can be blasted off your roof with a pressure washer or it can be removed by hand and weed killer applied; we recommend weed killer for affected areas to prevent moss from forming again.

Replace cracked shingles or tiles

Cracked shingles or tiles should be replaced as soon as possible to maintain your roof’s weatherproofing. If you spot a cracked tile and you can’t replace it soon, then you can seal the tile with roofing cement or a hardy silicone. This is only a temporary solution however and you should replace the cracked shingle or tile as soon as you are able to. The good news is replacing a shingle or tile is a cheap fix and for a roofer it will only take 20 minutes.

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