Maintenance Tips for Tiled Roofs

Owning your own home is incredible, but it’s not without its stresses. Much like any major investment, it requires almost constant care and attention to keep at its best.

That’s never truer than when it comes to our roof tiles, which need regular maintenance to keep us warm, dry and safe from the elements.

Tile is one of the most common roofing materials you’ll see across the UK, available in clay or concrete, but even these tough materials need proper maintenance to ensure that they stay at their best for the years to come. Here’s some of our top maintenance tips:

·         Always clean your tiles before conducting a visual inspection, as the accumulation of dirt and debris can easily hide serious issues with your tiling.

·         Check your downpipe exists to see if they’re crumpled, damaged or otherwise blocked, as this can restrict drainage and damage tiles in the long term.

·         Remove leaves and debris from your tiles by hand rather than with a hose, as this can lead to blockages in your downpipes.

·         Take note (and pictures, if possible) of any areas of your roof which appear sunken, or where water is pooling, as this can be a strong indication of imminent failure.

·         Always ensure that any trees that overhang your roof are trimmed back or are strong enough not to break and fall onto your roof, as these can cause immense damage.

·         Go inside your loft (if applicable) and check to see if there’s any water damage on walls or the floor, as this can indicate a failing roof.

Of course, the best tip we can possibly give you is to schedule regular inspections of your roof. We recommend that you have two visits a year, one in the autumn and one in the spring, as these are the two most common periods for debris to build and failures to occur.

Keeping on top of this regular maintenance is essential, and doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as you might imagine. Best of all, it helps you keep repair costs down in the long run!

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