Lead roof theft prevention advice

Metal roofs aren’t the most expensive but they are among the most desirable. Metal roofs can easily last for five decades and more.

Also, they have an amazing resale value. It is owing to these reasons that metal roof theft is quite common – especially roofs with lead. Among the various metals that are typically used as roofing materials, lead is the more treasured and that is why a lead roof is more susceptible to theft. Quite simply, lead has a high re-sale value.

If you wish to protect your investment and your roof, then here is some lead roof theft prevention advice you could use.

·      Always consider installing a security system or alarm. There are quite a few state of the art electronic roof security systems available these days and you can choose one that suits your specific needs. Some systems can be a bit expensive but then you would also get impeccable security. There are some high end forensic marking systems that are often considered an additional level of security but those aren’t necessary. You could make such additional investments but an electronic roof security system should suffice.

·      In addition to the security system, you should consider your surroundings. Do not have or allow anything that would make the job of a thief easier. For instance, if there are trees just next to your roof, then get the branches cut so no one can easily climb the tree and get access to your roof. Any kind of vegetation, natural or artificial structure around your home that provides easy access to your roof should be done away with. Also, having too much vegetation or many obstructions around the property will hinder your view and such hindrances fuel criminal activity. When thieves know they can get in and out easily without being seen, they would be emboldened and you don’t want that.

·      Relations with neighbours and being part of a community are a passive defence system you should consider. When you have good relations with your neighbours, they would be proactive and would notify you immediately if there is any suspicious activity. Being part of a community and contributing to its welfare will also make the community at large responsible for your wellbeing and would do whatever little they can to protect your interests.

·      You may also consider installing cameras, or a CCTV system, which would not only be effective to prevent lead roof theft but would also enhance the overall security in your home or business. Closed circuit cameras don’t cost much these days and digital storage space has also become reasonable.


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