Keeping Your Roof Clean and Why It’s Important

Keeping Your Roof Clean and Why It’s Important

Keeping your roof clear of water, dirt, and debris is more important than you’d think.

Not only do water stains and moss on the roof of your home cause it to stand out for all the wrong reasons, but an unclean roof can also represent a host of additional, and serious problems too.

Proper roof maintenance involves regularly inspecting and cleaning your roof. This process helps to boost the value of your home by giving it greater curb appeal, while ensuring that you don’t have to spend large sums of money on regular roof repair.

A Clean Roof has Curb Appeal

Whether you’re planning on selling your home, or you’re simply house proud, it’s worth noting that people often analyse the whole of your house – including the roof, when making assumptions about your property. A pristine roof often indicates that the rest of the home will be meticulously well-kept. After all, an owner who maintains his roof is likely to maintain the rest of the house too.

A Clean Roof Lowers Home Utility Costs

An attractive roof instantly makes your home more appealing to onlookers, but that’s not the only way it can have financial value. Homes with roofs that are covered in moss and algae may find that their roofing material is unable to manage heat appropriately. The material of an average roof helps a property to lower heat in the summer, while increasing warmth in the winter. In other words, the cleaner your roof is, the more energy-efficient your home will be.

A Clean Roof Keeps Pests Out of your Home

An unkempt roof can quickly attract unwanted pests into your neighbourhood and your home. Animals frequently associate the smell of rotting wood with food and shelter, and they may attempt to burrow into existing patches of damage in your roof to take advantage of the warmth within. From insects, to birds and other unwanted creatures, pests can quickly elevate the damage to your home structure, leading to costly repairs.

A Clean Roof Lasts Longer

Finally, perhaps the best reason to clean your roof is that you can make it last longer this way. Keeping your roof clean and removing dirt and debris can limit your risk of falling victim to long-term damage and rot that might force you to spend hundreds, or thousands of pounds on roofing repair, or even roof replacement.

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