How long before a roof leak leads to mould?

How long before a roof leak leads to mould?

Generally, water leaks and poor ventilation are the causes of fungi and mould growth on the inside of a property.

Over time, a leak will damage a property, potentially rotting away timber and insulation. The good news is if spotted early and plugged, the damage caused by a leaking roof will be negligible. Sometimes, though, a leak isn’t spotted until it’s too late.

Mould is actually a serious issue, so if you have it, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Mould and mildew can spread through a property and if it reaches a HVAC system, then it’s going to find its way everywhere.

Mould can grow within 24-48 hours under the right conditions. Mould growth is fastest in warm and damp conditions. A leaky roof is the perfect environment, because hot air rises so the temperature of the highest internal ceilings in your home will always be tepid. Water getting inside your roof will keep the humidity high. Mould spores can actually survive being dried out and then rewetted, so a week of dry weather may not fix your mould problem.

The solution to roof mould is to first plug your roof leak. An experienced roofer will be able to discover the source of your leak, either by visual inspection or using a water test.

Most roof leaks are caused by cracked or missing shingles, or cracked gable mortar on older properties. The good news is most leaks require only a minor repair, so the cost won’t be too high. Depending on the scale of your mould growth, this may be enough to stop it from spreading. However, cleaning is also recommended for maximum effect, although this is not possible on closed roofs. As such, we recommend you stay vigilant in properties with no attic access and a closed roof, keeping an eye out for any leaks to get them repaired early. It’s also important to consider that there may be a few sources of your roof leak.

We have been called out to properties where a repair has been carried out one place, only for the homeowner to still have a leak. Multiple leak sources can happen to any property, but it is particularly common on older properties that haven’t had a roof inspection for a long time. If you are concerned about your roof, or if you have a leak, we operate in the Leeds area and we will be happy to come out and quote you for a repair.

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