How Can I Tell If I Need A New Roof?

More often than not, people will put off roof repair for as long as possible.  This makes sense when you consider the cost.

The last thing any person wants to do is spend several thousand pounds on a new roof.  However, if you wait too long, then you open the interior of your home to significant damage.  Your roof keeps out the worst of the elements, including the damaging effects of rain and water on your possessions.  When your roof gets older, water could penetrate in, and you will pay more in heating due to worse insulation and you even run the risk of a partial roof collapse.

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review several ways you can tell if you need a new roof.

1.  Check Material Life

The easiest thing you can do is to check the material you used and compare that to the installation date.  If your roofing material is concrete for example, then there is generally no need to replace unless significant damage has been caused to the roof.

Cedar on the other hand requires replacement every 20 years.  Tiles, like shale, clay, and ceramic require replacement every 30 years.  Count forward from the last roof installation and if you are within a decade of the material’s end life, then consider a visual inspection.  If you are not, and you have noticed nothing wrong, like an increase in heating costs or water getting in, then you are probably safe.

2.  Visually Inspect the Roof

When inspecting the roof, first look for sagging, dark spots, dark trails, outside light showing through, and signs of water damage.  Any of these mean that it may be time to replace your roof immediately.

3.  Visually Inspect Tiles

Along with checking the roof in its entirety, focus on individual tiles and look for weather related damage.  For shingle roofs, rotting is a big cause of future roof damage.  For tiled roofs, inspect for fractures and broken tiles.  In addition, try not to walk on the tiles yourself.  On their own tiles can last upwards of 100 years.

4.  Temperature Check Attic

The last way you can inspect your roof is through your attic.  One of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you use heating and cooling your home is to check for temperature changes along the roof of your attic.  With either your hands or a gauge, feel along the roof of the attic, and see if there are any points where air is getting through.  This test works best if the temperature outside is far different to the interior temperature of your home.

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