Benefits of Clay Roof Tiles

Benefits of Clay Roof Tiles

Tiles have been used for roofing on buildings across the UK and Europe for hundreds of years.

In some cities, such as London, fired clay tiles were considered essential thanks to their fireproof qualities. If you’re considering using one of the oldest and most reliable forms of roofing in the world, then the chances are you’re going to want to know what benefits clay tiles offer over other roofing solutions like tin and slate. Following, we’ll cover just some of the benefits often associated with clay tiles – so you can make a more informed decision about your building needs.

Attractive, Impermeable and Durable

Clay is a natural material which is put through a range of reliable processes to become the clay tiles you see around the world today. For instance, Virtification helps to develop a sturdy waterproof surface that’s ideal for withstanding snow, rain, and cycles of harsh weather. Clay tiles are fireproof, can last for up to 100 years or more, and are almost completely maintenance-free.

Clay tiles also have a traditional and rustic appearance to them – which makes them highly attractive for many domestic purposes. Some manufacturers will even add glaze to tiles which provides additional colour and surface protection. On top of that, clay tiles are available in several shapes that can give a unique look to the roof architecture. There are several systems for interlocking that can ensure the tiles are ready to protect the roof, remain in place, and look incredible for years to come.

Clay is also not susceptible to rot or mould, meaning that your roof is well protected from bouts of traditional English rain.

Energy Efficiency

Interestingly, many experts regard clay roof tiles to be highly beneficial thanks to their energy efficiency. Because clay tiles are traditionally red – a colour which is moderately reflective – they reduce the absorption problems associated with dark coloured roofing during the summer. In other words, the right colour of clay tile could reduce the amount of energy you need to use when it comes to heating and cooling your home.
What’s more, as the interest in environmentally friendly measures and energy saving methods continues to grow, manufacturers have been able to develop new forms of clay that are made in such a way to achieve higher emissivity and reflectivity indices. These tiles are available in a range of colours to achieve incredible roof values.

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