Cracked Roof Tile Repair

Looking for cracked roof tile repair? Look no further than our experts.
If you spot a cracked tile on your roof you should get it replaced as soon as possible to prevent a roof leak.

If your roof is already leaking, that cracked tile could be the culprit so fixing your leaky roof could be a relatively simple for our cracked roof tile repair specialists.

Roof tiles crack more often than you would think. The most common cause of cracked roof tiles is birds, particularly pigeons and gulls. Another common cause is improper installation which over time can stress the tile and cause a crack.

The good news is cracked roof tile repair is relatively simple – a temporary repair can be made to the tile with roofing cement or silicone caulking. The permanent fix is replacement which should be done as soon as possible.

Local Experts You Can Trust

We are based in Leeds and serve the whole of Yorkshire. We repair hundreds of cracked roof tiles every year. We can come out at short notice to perform a temporary repair to tiles if you have a roof leak that needs fixing immediately.

We also keep a stock of common roof tiles including clay, slate, concrete and natural stone tiles, so we can often replace roof tiles on the same day.

Repairing cracked roof tiles is what we consider regular roof maintenance. If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, we recommend an inspection to check for cracked tiles as well as other problems like cracked mortar joints.

We are operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and can provide an estimate without visiting you. Send details of your gutter replacement to and we’ll reply within 24-hours. Thank you.

To discuss cracked roof tile repair with our experts, call us today on 0113 293 4038 for a chat.

Local Reputation

It’s more than likely that someone who you know will have already used us and would highly recommend our flat roofing services. We pride ourselves on our reputation and quality of service within our local area.

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