Yorkshire Stone Roofing

We are specialists in the repair, stripping and recovering of traditional stone roofs, and the installation of modern stone roofs.

Yorkshire Stone slates, otherwise known as ‘Yorkshire greys’, are increasingly popular in new builds, as their strength and durability is second to none. Because of their extreme durability, slates are often recycled from dilapidated old buildings, and used in the repair of existing roofs in restoration and repair projects. Reclaimed slates are sometimes over 100 years old, and none the worse for it.


Many old mills, houses and farm buildings in the north of England have Yorkshire stone roofs, and they are a huge part of our architectural heritage. Yorkshire Stone slates roofs were described in ‘The Pattern of English Building’ as creating ‘complete visual harmony with the architecture of the buildings on which they are placed’. This is perhaps not surprising, since the stone for the slates and the stone for the walls are taken from the same source. The colour and texture of the stone creates a natural organic feel to the buildings, which seem totally at home in their setting. Stone roofs lend a building a strong sense of cohesion and unity. The family name ‘Stonehacker’ dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries, establishing the importance of quarrying and tile making. It is not uncommon to come across roofs dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries which have survived the test of time.

Modern Usage

No wonder then that such care is taken in the recycling of Yorkshire stone slates, and the common insistence of planning departments that roofing slates on older buildings be replaced like for like. It also explains the continuing popularity of Yorkshire stone roofs in new builds. Their beauty and longevity make them a natural choice.

Environmental Credentials

Yorkshire Stone roofs are extremely durable, meaning that they seldom need replacing once they have been laid. This makes them not only highly cost effective as a roofing material, but also means they have a low environmental impact. This impact is even lower when the slates are recycled from existing old buildings due for demolition. Whilst there are some concerns surrounding the quarrying of new stone within the Yorkshire Dales, the industry is of relatively low environmental impact. Stone has been quarried in the Dales for centuries, and the impact of modern day quarrying is closely monitored. In terms of emissions and energy usage, Yorkshire Stone is considerably down the scale. As an organic material, chemicals composition and fumes are not an issue, nor are replacement costs.

Yorkshire Stone Roofing Services

If you would like us to assess an existing Yorkshire Stone roof, with a view to replace or repair, just ring us for a free site visit, when we can assess the extent of the work needed. We can source reclaimed slates to match in with an existing roof slates, or fit new slates on a new build. Fitting a Yorkshire stone roof is a job for a specialist, since it will need to be laid in what are known as ‘diminishing courses’. This simply means that larger slates are laid at the bottom edge of the roof, and subsequent slates are laid in decreasing sizes until they reach the top. This takes some skill, but the effect is extremely pleasing. Look out for this formation the next time you see an old Yorkshire Stone roof.

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