Why Should I Use Slate For My Roof?

If you are currently going through the process of remodelling your roof, then you are no doubt curious as to the benefits and costs associated with each type of unique roofing material.

With that in mind, let us take a moment to review the benefits and drawbacks of having a slate roof installed.

Why Slate?

Dating back to Roman occupation, slate has been used in roofing for nearly two millennia.  Given the abundance of slate in the UK, it is often a popular roofing choice as it can stand up to the elements very well.  In addition, with a greater selection of slate coming from abroad, there has never been so many options available.

If the slate for your roof comes from the UK, then you will be using a roofing material that is watertight.  In addition, thanks to recently passed regulations, all slate produced for home roofing has to be fire and frost proof.

The Drawbacks of Slate

The primary drawback to using slate for your roof is cost.  While imported slate is even cheaper than locally quarried slate, both are more expensive than alternative roofing materials.  There is also the cost of installation to consider.  Installing a slate roof is a professional job, and can cost a great deal.

As a result, slate is usually a poor choice if your budget is tight, unless you already have a slate roof and you are simply repairing damages.

If you like the look of slate but are unable to afford the rather steep price, then consider either manmade or concrete slate.  Both can be created to a uniform shape, making roofs look cleaner and more organised.  In addition, some even come pre-drilled, which helps to lower the cost of installation even further,

What Should I Look For When Purchasing Slate?

One of the greatest considerations will be the water absorption rates.  More often than not, this involves the BS EN 123261 test.  Another thing you may want to consider, especially if you want a specific colour, is to examine the carbonate content.  Starting at a percentage of 20% and above, discoloration will occur in your slate tiles.  The final thing you can do is to test the general quality of slate.  If you knock two pieces of slate together and you hear a ringing noise, then the slate is of a good quality.  If you hear a thud, then the slate you are examining is of lesser quality.  Remember, a good quality slate roof will last upwards of 30 years prior to reinvestment.

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