What type of roof tiles are available for my roof?

There are many elements involved in choosing the ideal design for a roof. Homeowners and designers often consider everything from the angle and internal structure of the roof, to the tiles that they can use to protect and enhance your building.

The type of roof tile you choose will ensure that your roof not only looks incredible but stands up against some of the tough weather conditions that the UK sees on a regular basis. The question is, with so many different styles to choose from, how do you ensure you’re making the right decision? Here is an insight into just some of the types of roof tile you can choose today to help you make your choice.

Interlocking Roof Tiles

Interlocking roof tiles are some of the quickest and simplest tiles to install on a UK roof. The low price of these tiles combined with their ease of use makes them a common solution throughout the country.

Interlocking tiles are available in a range of materials, including clay, and slate – however, concrete is by far the most common. For low-pitch roofs with less than a 20-degree angle, low-pitch interlocking tiles are the best option to maintain roof durability, without compromising on appearance.

Clay Roof Tiles

Though clay roof tiles can be more expensive than some of the other options on this list, they’re still an attractive option for homeowners and designers. Clay is a particularly appealing solution for people who want to boost the aesthetic impact of their home. Clay tiles can come in a variety of shapes and patterns – perfect for creating a unique, high-quality look.

While maintenance requirements for clay tiles are minimal, clay is brittle and sometimes prone to breakage. This means that it’s important to address any issues you notice with your tiles as quickly as possible if you want to protect your home.

Concrete Roof Tiles

For homeowners who appreciate the appearance of clay, but don’t want to pay through the nose for the right aesthetic, concrete tiles can be the ultimate solution. Concrete can be designed to mimic the beauty of slate and clay while providing exceptional durability against the elements.

Concrete is a particularly low-maintenance material for roof tiles, which also makes it popular among the UK market. However, it’s worth noting that your roof structure may need additional internal support to handle the extra weight that comes with concrete. Speak to an expert to find out whether reinforced framing is necessary for your roofing design.

Double Roman Roof Tiles

Double Roman roof tiles are probably the most common tile you’ll see in the UK. Concrete is often the preferred material for double roman tiles, although it is possible to purchase these roof coverings in clay or slate instead. The modern flat design of double roman tiles, with their appealing curve, makes them a stunning addition to any home.

While single roman tiles are available, they’re much less common in the UK, where additional durability is necessary due to our unpredictable and often turbulent weather conditions.

Single or Plain Roof Tiles

Sometimes the best option is the simplest. Plain roof tiles are compact, rectangle tiles that are generally double-lapped to provide greater protection to the roof. These tiles may look basic at first glance, but when they’re applied properly to a roof, they often have a highly streamlined aesthetic which makes them ideal for new build properties.

As with many of the different styles of tile available today, plain roof tiles are available in concrete, and clay, though concrete is the least expensive choice. Interlocking designs are available to provide easier installation and maintenance.


Finally, perhaps one of the most traditional types of tile still available in the UK market, pantiles have been around for centuries. Initially, these roof coverings were made from clay, until the 20th century rolled around, and concrete pantiles became more common, thanks to their cost-effective nature.

The unique curvature of pantiles makes them highly attractive to developers and property owners alike, and there is a range of colour options to choose from with this particular covering. Most people with pantile roofing prefer the traditional “terracotta-style” design.

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