What to look for in bespoke lead roof work

What to look for in bespoke lead roof work

Due to its water resistant and highly durable nature, lead has been used as a roofing material for quite some time.

In fact, it has been known to outlive the lifespan of buildings with little to no drop in performance after 200 years. However, lead’s longevity can be reduced due to poor installation and ongoing exposure to the elements, in which case it will need to be repaired or replaced.

In addition to spot maintenance and complete renovations, Roundhay Roofing can also make bespoke lead products designed to your own requirements and specifications. We only use the correct coded lead for each individual part of the install and will carry out the job to the highest of standards.

Our bespoke lead products

  • Lead vent sleeves – Also known as a collar, this is placed over a vent pipe in order to seal the roof around the vent pipe opening.
  • Lead valleys – This is the internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof panes to provide a water runoff.
  • Lead aprons – This is a flashing located in front of an object that protrudes through the roof, such as a chimney.
  • Lead turrets – A small decorative tower that projects vertically from the roof of a building.
  • Lead numbers/house names – To make your property or premises easier to locate and stand out from the crowd.

Along with its resilience and robustness, bespoke lead products have lots of aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their period look and understated style, lead products can subtlety yet significantly transform the appearance of any building and may even increase the value of your property or premises.

On top of that, lead is 100 per cent recyclable and one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials available. Three million tons of lead is recycled from scrap every year, which helps keep its value stable. No lead is wasted when making bespoke products and its increasing popularity means other synthetic materials aren’t being produced as much either.

Why choose Roundhay Roofing for bespoke lead products?

With more than 30 years of industry experience as well as thousands of happy customers in Leeds and the surrounding area, Roundhay Roofing is on hand to produce the best bespoke lead products currently available. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly members of staff on 0113 293 4038.



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