What is the Process for Installing Velux Windows?

What is the Process for Installing Velux Windows?

Velux windows can be a stunning addition to any home, adding light and style to any space, as well as transforming previously unused rooms like lofts into liveable spaces which increase the value of your home.

Installing these windows though often requires cutting into your roof and removing roof tiles. It’s a significant job and one which shouldn’t be attempted unless you have plenty of experience. Nevertheless, when we’re investing in our homes, we’re often keen to know exactly how our windows will be installed.

As such, we’ve put together this short guide to how many Velux roof windows are installed. Let’s go:

1.       A contractor will mark on the rafters the approximate position required for the roof window.

2.       They will then mark where the centre of the window will be and remove the felt/boarding/insulation to expose your roof tiles.

3.       Your roof tiles will then be removed in the area your new window will be placed, removing an extra row from each side for the window flashings.

4.       Your rafters and battens will be cut off, making an aperture for the window.

5.       Your new Velux window will be removed from its box and lifted into position, with care made to insert metal dowel brackets into the frame of the window.

6.       The window frame will be lifted into the space made or it in the roof and nailed into place when it’s square and level.

7.       Weatherproofing elements will be added to the outside of the window, ensuring that your roof is once again waterproof and ready for action.

8.       Tiles will be placed over the weatherproofing elements, although they may have to be cut in order to fit seamlessly alongside the new window.

9.       The window will now be attached to the frame and securely fitted, with checks to ensure the opening mechanism is functioning as intended.

10.   Your new loft window is now complete!

Depending on the complexity of the job and the materials required, this may be a multi-man and multi-hour job.

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