What is NFRC?

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited, or NFRC for short, is the leading independent roofing trade association in the UK.

Its role is to improve the visibility of the highest quality roofing contractors – what it calls Trade members – and NFRC also actively ensures that Trade members offer the highest standard of workmanship and uphold sound business practice. The benefits this affords to customers of NFRC approved roofers is that they can expect a minimum level of service and quality and standards.

Humble beginnings

NFRC was founded in 1862 to group together the best roofing contractors. It was the first association of its type to quality stamp the roofing industry and NFRC-approved trade members quickly saw an improvement in business. Since that time, NFRC has grown considerably and roofing companies up and down the UK strive to become a Trade member.

Today, NFRC covers seven regions and has over 1000 Trade members and 700 Supplier members. It represents roughly 70% of the roofing industry in the UK.

What the NFRC is all about

  • Trade members are expected to comply with all health and safety regulations and perform work to only the highest quality. Trade members are subject to a strict code of practice and independent vetting procedure;
  • NFRC Trade members must hold comprehensive insurance cover;
  • NFRC has numerous technical committees, advisory and focus groups. These are a great way for members to get their opinions heard and polices in place;
  • NFRC works closely with a number of other roofing trade associations, and they are members of a number of organisations (detailed below):

NFRC’s membership

NFRC is a member of a number of associations. These include The National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC), Construction Products Association, Trust Mark, The National Home Improvement Council, GRO, The Trade Association Forum and International Federation for Roofing (IFD). They are also supporters of Skill Build and CITB.

Should I choose an NFRC Trade member?

There are thousands of roofing companies across the UK, yet only a percentage of them are approved by NFRC. This association ensures that roofing companies perform only the highest levels of service and it has a strict code of practice – all contractors are independently vetted to ensure that they are good enough. By choosing an NFRC approved roofing contractor for your roofing project, you are choosing the best of the best. We are members of NFRC and we take this membership seriously. We recommend only choosing contractors with such membership to ensure you receive the highest quality of service.

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