What are the benefits of reclaimed roof tiles?

If you have an older roof that needs spot repairing, or you are building a new roof that needs to match the period roofs of other properties in your area, you might be disappointed to hear that new roof tiles are unlikely to achieve the finish you want. Thankfully, there is a solution to your problem in reclaimed roof tiles.

Reclaimed roof tiles are old roof tiles that have been salvaged during renovation or demolition. They have been stripped from an old roof and saved from destruction, allowing them to be used once again as a roofing material.

Here are the benefits to using reclaimed roof tiles in your project:

They are cheap

In many cases, reclaimed roof tiles can be a bit of a bargain so long as you are buying them in bulk. The price per tiles varies from 30p to £3 per tile depending on the material and the period it comes from. The most expensive reclaimed tiles are the oldest. Most reclamation yards will barter a price, so it pays to go in person.

They are unique

Modern engineered roof tiles are manufactured on a production line. One set of tiles typically incorporates four tile models cloned which are then installed apart so there is a contrast between them. In contrast, reclaimed roof tiles are 100% original. No two tiles are the same so a more bespoke finish can be achieved.

They are made to last

‘They don’t make them like they used to’ rings true with roof tiles — older tiles made by hand were cut from the best stone from the best quarries. The very fact they have survived until now is proof of their durability and longevity.

They are eco-friendly

Reclaimed roof tiles were made anywhere from 20 to 200 years ago. Therefore, the emissions used to make them was expended a long time ago. By reusing them, you reduce the need for factories to make more new tiles.

Any type of tile can be sourced

Reclaimed roof tiles are available in any material and there are thousands of salvage and reclamation yards around the UK to buy from. Clay, concrete and slate tiles are available to buy with wear and a patina you won’t find with new tiles.

They enable convincing repairs

When an older roof springs a leak, it’s most often because a tile has cracked or fallen off the roof. Unfortunately, the whole tile will need replacing, but new tiles won’t match the roof perfectly which presents an issue from an aesthetic point of view. Reclaimed roof tiles offer a far more convincing visual match, enabling a better repair.

They are sympathetic to older buildings

Period properties such as Grade II listed buildings should always be repaired and renovated using materials that are similar to the original. This is sometimes necessary because listed building laws are quite strict. But even where you are not forced, reclaimed roof tiles offer a more sympathetic finish than modern roof tiles.

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