The Importance of Insulation in Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Insulation in Roof Maintenance

Roof insulation is a vital part of your roof’s construction. It helps to keep your home warm, and can save you up to £250 per year on energy bills.

However, most of us know very little about roof insulation and how to maintain it.

Types of Roof Insulation

If you have a sloping roof, the chances are your insulation will fall into one of four main types. These are:

  • Blanket insulation. These are rolls of either glass wool or mineral wool, which are usually backed with foil. They are fire and heat resistant and are held in place by wooden battens attached to the rafters of your roof. The recommended thickness of blanket insulation is 250mm to 270mm.
  • Polystyrene slabs which are sometimes covered with foil.
  • EPS expanded polystyrene, which comes in a concertina shape, making it easy to push into place and it will stay there as it expands to fit.
  • Structural panels. These are commonly used in new builds, and can be made to an exact measurement.

Flat roofs are harder to insulate and usually require vapour membrane insulation.

Roof Insulation Maintenance

It is often easy to overlook the insulation when inspecting your roof for signs of any problems, but it is important to remember. Insulation is vital for keeping your home warm, but it also provides structural strength to your roof and offers additional protection from the elements.

Like any other part of your roof, insulation can suffer wear and tear and needs regular inspection to ensure it is still fit for purpose. This is especially relevant in older houses that have been built before current building regulations applied, when there was less emphasis on insulation.

Roundhay Roofing Are Here To Help

It can be extremely difficult to inspect your roof insulation yourself, as it is hard to get to and requires a degree of knowledge. Fortunately, Roundhay Roofing can help. Our family run firm based in Leeds has over 30 years of experience in the roofing trade, and employs a team of qualified, professional roofers experienced in all areas of roofing and fully up to date with current legislation.

We can inspect all aspects of your roof, including the insulation, efficiently and safely for your peace of mind, and believe in competitive pricing without compromising on quality of service.

If you would like further information about roof insulation or inspection, please call Roundhay Roofing on 0113 293 4038.

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