The dangers of a leaky roof

The dangers of a leaky roof

Upon discovering a leaky roof, most homeowners will have it repaired as quickly as they can. But homeowners that aren’t wise to the dangers of a leaky roof can take longer to take action, so today, we’re going to go through the dangers of a leaky roof to hopefully make such homeowners get their leaky roof repaired as quickly as possible.

  1. Insulation damage and mould

When will it happen? In the short-term.

If water drips from a roof into the attic, then it will mix with the insulation. And once this happens, the relatively high temperature of an attic will cause the water to evaporate but not escape, creating the perfect humid environment for mould to form. And mould will keep on growing even in a dry environment. Once mould begins to form, it’s nigh on impossible to stop, at least unless you replace your insulation. But this can be extremely expensive, not least because you may have to tear the inside of your roof apart to get to it.

  1. Structural deterioration

When will it happen? In the long-term.

The inside of houses are built from wood, and wood rots when exposed to moisture unless it is treated – which floorboards and wooden structures are not. If a leaky roof drips water onto the wooden structures of your home, over time it will rot and lose its strength. This is irreversible and even minor leaks can cause problems. The problem is, wood soaks up water so you may not know a leak is occurring until it’s too late. Rotting wood can collapse on itself and if this happens, you will be faced with a very expensive repair bill.

  1. Shock hazards

When will it happen? It could happen at any time!

Water is not supposed to enter your home from the roof and electricity outlets and wiring is not designed to come into contact with moisture. But if you have a leaky roof, you run the risk of this happening. Water can seep into the smallest crevices and gaps and find its way into electrical boxes and into wiring. And if this happens the consequences could be fatal. If your roof is leaking and you believe that your electrical outlets may be compromised, you should turn off the power to the circuits as quickly as possible and call professional help.

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