The benefits of Artstone Roofing

Artstone is an engineered, handmade stone slate that’s stronger, more durable and more available than natural stone slate. It perfectly mimics the appearance of natural grey slate, so much so that it can’t be distinguished from it.

Artstone is a brand name, so when we refer to it we’re referring to a product line created by Greys Artstone Limited. They manufacture three engineered slates:

  • Reproduction stone slate

Strong, durable and easy to cut. Weighs 15% less than stone slate. Hand-crafted using moulds taken from stone slate originals. No two slates are identical. Achieves a coursed and diminished roofscape.

  • Reproduction slate

Strong, durable and easy to cut. Weighs 33% less than natural slate. Features a fine edge detail and a textured surface. Perfectly mimics the appearance of natural slate. Weathers like natural slate, not concrete.

  • Reproduction random diminishing slate

New for 2018, Random Diminishing Conservation Slate is available in New Quarried Westmorland Green, Aged Westmorland Green, New Quarried Welsh Blue/Grey and New Quarried Welsh Heather/Purple colours.

Artstone benefits

These products mimic the slates their name suggests. In this article, we’ll go through the benefits of Artstone roofing for the average homeowner. If you are considering Artstone or natural stone for your roof, read on to find out if it’ll suit your home.

It mimics real stone slate

Artstone mimics real stone slate down to a tee. It’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, except under a very close inspection (you’d have to climb onto the roof to spot the difference). Because the slates are made using real stone slates as their template, the shape of natural slate is perfectly recreated, and the colour is too.

It creates an authentic roofscape

One of the things that has turned people away from engineered slate in the past is the ‘fake roof’ appearance. Artstone is designed to diminish and age like slate, not concrete, and over time it becomes truly indistinguishable from the real thing. If you want an authentic roofscape, Artstone is the best choice available to you.

It’s approved for Conservation Areas, National Parks and Grade 2 Listed Buildings

The appearance of Artstone mimics natural stone slate so much that it’s approved for Conservation Areas, National Parks and Grade 2 Listed Buildings. It simply would not be approved for use in these areas if it didn’t. It is considered by councils a ‘like for like’ stone, so you can upgrade your old stone slate roof with them.

It’s lightweight and easy to cut

Artstone is 30% lighter than natural stone but stronger. It’s made from glass-reinforced cement and the reproduction slates weigh in at 75kg per m2. The benefit for homeowners is a durable roofing material and reduced installation costs. Lightweight materials save on labour time and timber costs. A doubly good deal for any new roof.

It comes with a 25-year guarantee

Greys Artstone Limited are so confident in their Artstone products that they stamp them with a minimum 25-year guarantee. This is material guarantee that protects you against any defects arising from poor craftsmanship. Combine that with our own roofer’s guarantee against faulty workmanship, and you have a safe investment.

It meets or exceeds British Standards

Artstone slates meet or exceed British Standards. Here’s the low-down:

  • Fixings – to BS 5534:2003
  • Durability – to BS 7543:2003
  • Colour – to BS 1014
  • None combustible – to BS 476 P.T.4
  • Freeze / Thaw – to BS EN 492:2012
  • Strength – better than BS EN 492:2012
  • Permeability – to BS EN 492:2012

As you can see, Artstone is an extremely high-quality product.

It’s manufactured in the United Kingdom

Artstone is proudly designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Greys Artstone Limited employs over a hundred people. They are a successful British business competing in a very challenging market. By choosing Artstone roofing, you support one of our own and get the best-quality product too. It’s a win-win.

It’s now available in a range of different colours

Random Diminishing Conservation Slate, launched in 2018, is available in New Quarried Westmorland Green, Aged Westmorland Green, New Quarried Welsh Blue/Grey and New Quarried Welsh Heather/Purple colours. These colours are a perfect match for any roof with diminished slate. They can be used on any home, new or old.

Speak to us about Artstone roofing

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