Standing Water Problems and How to Solve Them

Standing Water Problems and How to Solve Them

If you have a flat roof, you may have a problem with standing water, which in the long term can cause serious roof damage.

Here we look at the main problems that can occur as a result of standing water, and how to rectify them.

What is Standing Water?

If your flat roof has a pool of water that has not drained away 48 hours after the rain, this is classed as standing water. Water that fails to drain can cause problems because, as more rain falls, the pool will become bigger and heavier.

The main causes of standing water are blocked drains or gutters, an incorrectly pitched roof, or too much roofing material having been used on the edge of your roof.

What Damage can Standing Water Cause?

Standing water can cause a variety of problems if it is left untreated. For a start, your roofing materials can deteriorate, which will allow damp and leaks into your home. It can also cause plants and moss to grow on your roof, which can exacerbate the problem.

By far the main problem with standing water, however, is the weight of it. Water is extremely heavy; it can weigh approximately 5lbs per inch. If you multiply this over a large area, the strain on your roof will be significant and can cause your roof to sag. Ultimately, this can lead to the collapse of your roof, which in the worst cases can be fatally dangerous.

All the problems of standing water, if it is left untreated, will lead to extensive roof repairs being required, and possibly an entirely new roof.

Ways of Solving the Problem

Firstly, the cause of the standing water needs to be identified. The most likely cause is blocked gutters, so they are the obvious place to start. Alternatively, if the problem is occurring due to your roof being incorrectly pitched, there are a number of solutions to this, including having materials added to make your roof slope correctly down to the drain, or having additional drains installed.

Roundhay Roofing Can Help

It is highly important that all corrective steps are undertaken by qualified, experienced roofing professionals. At Roundhay Roofing, we have over 30 years’ experience of undertaking roof maintenance and repairs to solve all roofing problems.

We offer a friendly service with highly competitive prices throughout the Leeds area, and will ensure that the problem is solved efficiently and safely. For further information, please call us on 0113 293 4038.

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