Signs your Skylight Needs Repairing

Signs your Skylight Needs Repairing

If you have a skylight in your home, then the chances are you enjoy basking in that extra ray of sunlight that spreads around your property each day.

Skylights can produce a great deal of additional aesthetic appeal within any home environment, but their design means that they’re also perfectly positioned to be exposed to a range of potential damages too.

A skylight in need of repair can sometimes require nothing more than a quick and simple fix. However, if you allow the problem to persist for too long, then damages can become costly, and may even mean that you need to replace your skylight entirely. What’s more, it’s worth remembering that in some cases, a damaged skylight isn’t just a nuisance – it’s also a hazard to your home. When moisture can seep through the cracks into the structure of your roof, wood can rot, and pave the way for long-term mould damage.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can spot the signs that your skylight is in need of repair.

  • Leaking

Leaking is perhaps the most obvious sign that there’s something wrong with your skylight. If you’ve been placing a bucket on the floor every time it rains for a while now, then you should be seeking professional assistance. Sometimes, leaks can happen in places that are difficult to spot, and may represent a problem with the flashing that lines your skylight. Fortunately, if a leaking issue is caused by a small amount of damage to your flashing, you should find that the problem is relatively easy and inexpensive to repair.

  • Drafts

Although the most obvious sign of improper sealing around your skylight might be the presence of leaking, another symptom may be constant drafts that seem to come directly from the spaces around your skylight installation. If you notice that the room where your skylight sits is generally colder or more drafty than the rest of your house, it may be worth having the issue checked out.

  • Cracks

Finally, cracks – even small ones in the glass of your skylight can quickly lead to huge problems. Think about what can happen when a car windshield gets cracked. Though the crack may seem small to begin with, over time it can quickly grow to consume the entire windshield.

Other Things to Look Out for:

Besides the three factors we’ve outlined above, it’s also worth watching out for additional signs that your skylight may be damaged, including:

  • Water stains
  • Discoloured or bubbling drywall
  • Excessive condensation
  • Damp
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