Signs Your Lead Work Needs Repairing

Signs Your Lead Work Needs Repairing

When people think about the roof of their house, the chances are that they often consider tiles and insulation, but they don’t pay much attention to the other elements that come together to make a roof functional and efficient.

The lead work on your roof can help to keep your property safe from the elements – ensuring that the structure of your home isn’t exposed to excess moisture or pests over time.

Being able to recognize the following signs of damage to your lead work could reduce the amount you would otherwise end up having to pay if your home was exposed to huge amounts of wear due to a collapsed, or diminished roof.

Water Damage

The most important sign to watch out for is water damage. In some cases, water damage signs can be mistaken for something else, and if you find damp patches on the upper floors of your home, you might be prone to blame it on the windows, or problems with the weather. However, it’s important to double check your roof just in case, for gaps in the lead that might need repairing or replacing. Even the smallest crack or gap could become a significant problem if not dealt with immediately.


The presence of mould within your home, could be another sign that there’s an issue with the lead in your roof – and an additional sign of water damage. However, excessive mould on the outside of the roof could also be a problem – as it can force tiles apart and allow water into the structure.

Daylight Showing through the Roof

Daylight showing through the roof in your attic could be a sign that you’re missing nails in your roof work, tiles, or lead. Regardless of what the underlying cause of the light is – it’s important to seek out help from a professional as quickly as possible.

Rotting Underlay

Roofs are reliant on underlay and tiles working together to keep water out of a property. If there is a problem with the lead in your roof and moisture is allowed to seep through into the underlay for too long, this could damage the whole structure, leading to tears in the underlay. If the underlay is rotten, you may even need to invest in an entirely new roof.

Loose Tiles

If the tiles on your roof are loose, this could be a sign that they are no longer fitting together as they should be, because of missing lead or warped aspects of the roof structure. You will need to schedule a roof repair as quickly as possible.

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