Signs your Guttering Needs Replacing

Signs your Guttering Needs Replacing

There’s little less glamorous about our homes than our guttering, but it’s without a doubt an essential part of the regular workings of our homes.

As such, when they get damaged and need repair, it can be a serious problem that needs addressing immediately. The only issue is, well, how exactly are you supposed to know when your guttering needs replacing? If it isn’t an obvious problem, you might well struggle to know the answer.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to essential signs your guttering needs replacing, so you can be confident and assured when it comes time to call in the professionals. The most common signs that you need new guttering are:

·         Guttering that’s coming away from the wall. Your guttering will usually be attached to the wall, and if its beginning to peel away, then you need to look at repairing or replacing your guttering, as it will no longer function as intended.

·         Cracks or holes in your guttering. Regardless of whether your guttering is metal or plastic, it’ll be susceptible to cracking or otherwise breaking. If any part of your guttering is damaged in this way, it should be replaced instantly, so as not to cause any further damage to your property.

·         Sagging or sloping gutters. If a flat pitch isn’t maintained along your gutters, water will pool in certain sections, potentially damaging your roof.

·         Pieces of guttering on the ground. Perhaps an obvious point, but if you’re finding screws, nails, fasteners of even pieces of guttering on the ground outside your home, you should look to replace your guttering.

·         Water damage/water marks underneath the gutters. If your gutters aren’t working correctly, water will begin to pour down from broken spots. Keep an eye out for water stains/damage, as this is a key sign of failing guttering.

By looking out for these signs, you can get ahead of any potential damage to your property and help to increase the value of your home. Regular guttering checks are essential, so don’t get caught out, get in touch today.

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