Signs your guttering needs repairing

Signs your guttering needs repairing

How frequently do you actually think about your gutters? The chances are that it’s not often.

Most homeowners don’t even think twice about their gutters – even though we know just how much of a problem the presence of rain can be in England.

Though we might take them for granted, our gutters perform a valuable task – ensuring that water is moved carefully away from the roof, and not allowed to create pools capable of causing serious interior damage. Following, we’ll address just some of the signs that your guttering may be in serious need of repair, so you can deal with the problem before it turns into a costly issue.

  • Rust, Cracks, or Holes

At least once every six months you should walk around the outside of your home and perform a visual inspection on your gutters. Be aware of any cracks, holes, or rust spots that might be present on the bottom of the gutters. Small holes can often be repaired easily with the use of sealant, while larger holes might require professional assistance.

  • Fastener Damage

Examine the place where two sections of your guttering connect. You should notice that these connections are made using a metal piece called a “fastener”. These areas are what keep the guttering level and fastened properly to your house. When they are damaged, the entire gutter system could be at risk of more serious problems.

  • Absent Screws

When you’re checking your fasteners, make sure you watch out for any missing nails or screws. Lose too many screws and you could be at risk of your entire gutter system simply falling away from the house – leading to serious damage.

  • Sagging or Poor Pitch

Gutters are the most effective when they are installed to be completely level and well-structured. Without the right pitching, water could collect around certain parts of the guttering- leading to significant strain on your system. Eventually, too much water building up in the wrong areas of the gutter could cause the system to pull away from the house.

  • Peeling Paint

Finally, when you’re walking around your house and checking for signs of wear and tear on the guttering – do you notice any signs of paint peeling in areas with no apparent reason? IF you have siding, you might even notice significant water stains in certain areas. This is an indication that water might be escaping through the holes and cracks in your guttering. Since water penetration presents a serious problem to your home’s exterior security, the damage needs to be repaired immediately.

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