Roof Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

Roof Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

We might not give our roofs much consideration when they’re working as intended, but the moment they fail, they’re all we can think about.

That’s why regular maintenance is the key to serious damage, and there’s plenty we can be getting on with, especially during the winter months.

As the cold draws and the sun sets earlier, our roofs are subjected to some of the worst weather conditions of the year, including gale force winds, snow and heavy rain. As such, it’s a peak period for roof failures, but you can help to mitigate the risk by following these roof maintenance tips:

Trim Any Overhanging Trees

The strong winds that winter creates mean that often, branches from trees can snap off, falling to the ground and doing immense damage. Every year we see reports of tree branches collapsing and writing off cars, and it’s the same story with roofs.

As lovely and charismatic as a large tree is, it can pose a serious risk to your roof over the winter months. It’s for that reason that we always recommend you trim any overhanging branches, to remove the risk.

Clean and Survey your Roof

It could be that your roof has already suffered damage, but you can’t see it because your roof is covered in debris. That’s why we always thoroughly clean roofs before inspection, and why you should too.

Clearing debris from your roof will also aid in the fast collection of water in your drainage pipes, and therefore reduce chances of damage to your roof from bad weather. Once it’s clear, you’ll be able to better see what’s going on with your roof, and get fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Call in a Specialist

The best thing you can do for your roof is to call in a specialist to take a look at it. Regular maintenance is the perfect way to save money on big repairs and by getting a specialist in before winter really kicks in, you can nip any issues in the bud and regain confidence in your roof.

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