Lead Flashing Repair

Mending splits and tears in lead flashing can be a quick job for an experienced roofer like us.
Lead is the most popular material for flashing because it’s flexible, easy to work and delivers a long lifespan. The most common problems are splits and tears in the lead. This is a leading cause of water penetration problems.

Most modern roofs use lead flashing. Lead is a natural material mined from the earth. It doesn’t corrode and lasts around 100 years. It is then fully recyclable. This makes it an eco-friendly choice, even if mining has emissions.

We can fix most lead flashing problems the same day we arrive. The most common method of fixing lead flashing is with a bung. This is where we roll up a piece of lead strip and work it below the bricks to form a seal.

We can help with all types of lead flashing in terms of thickness and weight. Some of the flashing we work on is over 100 years old. We can repair or replace lead flashing depending on the manner of your problem and timescale.

Local Experts You Can Trust

Roundhay Roofing specialises in lead flashing repair. We build roofs for a living and manage several hundred projects a year. We have an excellent local reputation in Leeds, and you can trust us with all your roofing work.

We can recommend the right code of lead for your roofing project and carry out timely repairs at short notice because we carry lead in stock. We can also source lead flashing at short notice from our local suppliers.

We are operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and we can provide an estimate without visiting you. Send details of your flashing issues to info@roundhayroofing.co.uk and we’ll reply within 24-hours.

For lead flashing repair in Leeds and the surrounding area, call us on 0113 293 4038 to discuss your project.

Local Reputation

It’s more than likely that someone who you know will have already used us and would highly recommend our flat roofing services. We pride ourselves on our reputation and quality of service within our local area.

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