How long should lead work last?

How long should lead work last?

Here at Roundhay Roofing we are lead work specialists. We’ve successfully worked on hundreds of lead work projects including welding and bossing, lead sleeve, valley and apron design and installation and repairs over the years and in our opinion lead work should last for the entire period you and your children occupy your home.

But in order to do so, lead work needs to be of the highest quality to ensure a good bond to the roof and to fight against any corrosion that can occur as a result of poor installation by those who aren’t qualified to install it. We have witnessed some shocking lead work over the years and the risk with poor quality lead work is that it can lead to wet weather damage in the home – and often this is only spotted after irreversible damage has occurred.

Spotting poor lead work

If your roof has lead work and you’ve noticed a leak, it’s important that you or a qualified roofer inspects the roof’s lead work to ascertain whether or not this is the cause. Most lead failures take on the form of warping and pulling away from the roof. This doesn’t occur naturally; it can only occur as a result of poor installation, where the lead is not fixed to the roof properly. Unfortunately, finding out who installed the lead work is tough, especially if you have moved into a previously occupied home.

If poor lead work is the cause of a leak, getting it repaired is the best thing to do. Lead work can indeed be repaired relatively cost-effectively most of the time, but sometimes entire sections of lead sheet may need to be replaced, depending on its condition. Only an inspection by an experienced and qualified roofer will help you to ascertain the best move forward – and if you live in Leeds or its surrounding areas, we can definitely help.

How expensive is lead work to repair?

The cost of lead work repair really does depend on the scale of the job. Spot repairs could be possible, in which case your investment shouldn’t be more than a few hundred pounds, but larger projects – such as entire lead work replacement – could cost considerably more.

If you require lead work, always ensure you go with a roofer that offers a guarantee.

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