How durable are clay roof tiles?

How durable are clay roof tiles?

It is common for clay roof tiles to have a manufacturer-backed warranty of 25 years.

Some clay roof tile manufacturers stamp a 50+ year warranty on their product.

In our opinion, clay roof tiles are more durable than concrete roof tiles, and they are far more durable than slate roof tiles.

To understand just how durable clay roof tiles are, all we have to do is look to historic buildings. In Europe and Asia, there are buildings dating back to Neolithic China (before the Shang dynasty) with original clay roof tiles still attached. These buildings are well over 1,000 years old, yet they have original clay roof tiles.

Modern clay roof tiles are just as hardy, and if not more so, than the ones used by builders thousands of years ago. So long as they don’t encounter top-loading weight, which will crack the tile, clay roof tiles will remain in perfect condition for a very long time.

The only issue of durability concerning modern clay roof tiles, is the durability of the colour itself. Clay roof tiles are red or brown in colour naturally. However, it is now possible to buy clay roof tiles that have been engineered with a pigment. So, while clay as a material is extremely durable, the pigment used is less so. That’s why manufacturers tend to guarantee their roof tiles for 25 or 50 years, rather than forever.

It’s also important to consider that quality varies between manufacturers. The strength and durability of a clay tile is determined by temperature at which it is heated, and the length of time it is heated. While we can’t comment on what the ideal temperature and time is, we can comment on the fact that some clay titles are more brittle than others. That’s why when we use clay tiles, we stick to what we know, or trial them based on reputation only.

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