Could Your Property Benefit from a Velux Window?

There are few situations, architecturally, where added light is a drawback.

Velux windows are the very best way of adding a new light source into roofs whether pitched or flat. Here is a beginner’s guide to Velux windows. Think where you could use one in your house to add light, and value to your property.

What is a Velux Window?

Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows, and their reputation for quality is unmatched. Velux produce a wide range of window designs for homeowners needing to shed a little light into the dark corners of their house. The windows can easily be fitted by a qualified roofer, and offer a surprisingly cheap way of adding utility to otherwise under-used area, such as a loft, or storage area.

Flat Roof Velux Windows

Is there anywhere in your house that suffers from low light levels? Areas such as kitchens, living rooms and home offices can be gloomy and poorly supplied with natural light, if this has not been considered during design. Velux produce a range of flat roof windows and domes that can offer a simple solution. Flat roof Velux windows, or domes, offer an instant remedy to low light problems. You can opt for a roof window that opens, or a fixed one. Either model will allow for extra ventilation in your room, and help to bring a fresh, modern feel to the interior. Roof domes are double glazed windows, with a clear polycarbonate cover. These two features combine to give you excellent sound-proofing. They are energy efficient, and available in many sizes. There are remotely controlled roof window designs which make light work of opening and closing.

Pitched Roof Velux Windows

Most people are familiar with Velux roof windows from loft conversions they have seen or spent time in. Roof windows offer the perfect solution to conversion lighting problems. They can be top hung, or have a centre pivot. A top or bottom control bars makes the window easy to open and lock closed. Velux windows are double glazed, and have toughened outer panes for added strength. This means that they offer superb insulation from both noise and heat loss. If you require extra ventilation, this is easily achieved with a simple flap mechanism when the window is shut. Some models even have a built-in air filter, which means that dust and insects are trapped before they enter your home. You can remove the filter for cleaning at any time. This is great for those with allergies, or people living on busy, dusty roads.

Build Quality

Velux are renown for the extremely high quality of their products, and many customers are amazed to discover how inexpensive they are for the level of build. Solid construction, faultless design and good quality materials make Velux windows a classy addition to any room. There is never any sense that they are shoddy, cheaply made, or likely to wear out. The one off cost that Velux represent, therefore, is strikingly good, which explains their continuing popularity.

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