Choose Roundhay Roofing for all your roof repairs in Leeds

Choose Roundhay Roofing for all your roof repairs in Leeds

As any reputable roofer would tell you, the best time to work on a roof is when the weather is warm and dry. Wet weather can stop a roof repair in its tracks and windy weather can be incredibly dangerous when working at height.

And so with the summer months closing in fast and warmer weather as a result, we recommend that you nip your leak in the bud now to avoid is worsening or even worse, to avoid having to wait another year before a proper repair can be carried out.

How we can help you

We are a reputable roofing company based in Leeds. We specialise in all aspects of roofing from minor repairs to full re-roofing projects and Velux window installation. If you have a leaky roof, we would be happy to visit your home to inspect your roof and discuss with you your options. We have over 30 years’ experience working in Leeds and we offer fast response times for leaky roofs and roofs that are in need of immediate repair.

Our roofing services

Depending on the cause of your leaky roof we may recommend a few different services. It could be that the cause of your leaky roof is easy to fix. For example, for a cracked or loose roof tile or shingle we might simply recommend replacing that tile or realigning it, and for damp attic space caused by moss growth, we would likely recommend clearing this off your roof and treating it with an eco-friendly weed killer to prevent future growth.

Of course, some roofs will require more extensive repairs. Whatever the case with yours, you can have faith in us to provide you with an honest service. We pride ourselves on our transparency so you can always expect good advice from us. We also provide free quotes on all our work and we are flexible with our operating hours. So whether you need a repair carrying out when you are at work or on a weekend, we are the people you should call.

The areas we service

We service the whole of Leeds and its surrounding areas. We work mostly within the LS postcode however we have provided services in Bradford and Manchester before. We get a lot of calls from people outside Leeds to please contact us if you want sound roofing advice.

Call us on 0113 293 4038 today to find out more about our services.

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