Cast Iron Gutter Repair

Cast iron gutters typically last 50 to 70 years. Most leaks are caused by gaps between the joints (an easy fix for us).
Cast iron gutters were introduced in the late 18th century and are common on period properties, especially listed buildings. The material itself is extremely durable, but also quite prone to leaks between the joints.

If your cast iron gutters are leaking, a joint is probably the problem. Joints develop play naturally over time. This allows water to penetrate between the joint and drip. A quick fix is instant patch tape or sealant, but this won’t last.

The correct way to repair leaky joints is to separate the joint, clean it, remove corrosion, apply sealant to the joint, refit the gutter together, and then put in a new nut and bolt. This repair will solve your problem for the next 10 years.

If your cast iron gutter has holes in it, a quick fix can be achieved using gutter sealant to plug the holes. Bigger holes can be filled with glass-fibre filler. Depending on the condition of the cast iron, however, we may recommend replacement.

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Roundhay Roofing has a stellar reputation in Leeds as a trustworthy, friendly and helpful roofing company. We want to help our customers and we can come out at short notice to do quick fixes on leaky gutters and leaking roofs.

We welcome the opportunity to work on your gutters. We have lots of experience repairing cast iron gutters on period properties.

We can also replace badly corroded cast iron gutters. This includes the main section or the joint if it is too worn. Rest assured, we will find a solution.

We are operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and we can provide an estimate without visiting you. Send details of your gutter issues to and we’ll reply within 24-hours.

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