Can moss cause leaks?

The simple answer to the question, ‘can moss cause leaks’, is yes. But there are certain factors which will influence that possibility. How much moss you have on your roof, the condition of your roof and weather and other forms of debris and materials will contribute to the any roof leakage.

First let us understand something about our roofs and then we can talk about moss and how it can cause leaks. Sloped roofs are technically water resistant. They are not waterproof. The waterproofing methods apply to flat roofs, the kind you see on commercial properties. Sloped roofs in homes are water resistant. They are designed in a manner that the surface of the roof will allow water to run off smoothly, without permeating through the shingles or membranes.

The roofing materials typically used in homes are manufactured in a manner so as to resist water seeping through their surface when it is naturally flowing atop it and down the slope. The very moment water starts to accumulate on the roof or the smooth runoff is prevented, there will be a possibility of leaks.

How moss causes leaks

Moss has the ability to obstruct the natural flow of water down a slope. When there is too much moss on the roof, it would hold enough moisture or water that there can be severe leaks. It can also lead to a decaying of the roof. Moss prevents the water runoff down the slope. It either holds onto the moisture or forces water to runoff sideways. At times, moss can do both.

With accumulated water and moisture laden moss the weight or pressure exerted on the roof increases. Accumulated water then starts to seep through the shingles or membranes.

Moss alone isn’t responsible for leaks, however. There are many other factors. While those factors such as a broken or missing shingle, gapped flashing and others can cause leaks on their own, the trouble becomes much more serious when moss adds to the problem.

If moss starts to cause a leak in your roof, it needs to be checked immediately and not only should you fix the leak but also get the moss removed. Allowing moss to accumulate on your roof will cause leaks eventually and in the process will facilitate roof decay. You should not allow structural damage to your roof, which will cost you more to repair than fixing a leak

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