Are Velux Windows any good?

The average length of time one lives in a property is over 15 years. In that time your family will grow and your needs will change – but your home, for the most part, won’t.

In the hunt for ways to create more space and improve your quality of living, you’ve probably heard about Velux windows – Velux windows are simply windows which are located on the roof of your property. The main benefit being that more natural daylight can flood the property.

But are Velux windows any good? And, are they the right choice for you?

First of all, let’s address Velux. Velux is the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows with an excellent reputation in the roofing industry. Their windows can be found installed on all kinds of properties up and down Great Britain. Velux windows are favoured above lesser brands because they are consistently made to the highest quality, and they conform to all building regulations and EU standards with regard to insulation.

There are a wide variety of windows and skylights available from Velux. Here’s a run-down of the main benefits of Velux windows over other windows for the average homeowner:

1.     Safety

Building regulations state that converted lofts must meet access and emergency requirements; basically, there must be a safe exit in the event of an emergency. To this end, Velux windows are big enough for a human to escape through safely.

2.     Energy efficiency

All Velux windows and skylights are, at a minimum, double-glazed. Double glazing is chosen because it’s safe and because it’s energy efficient, and also because it’s good for sound insulation. With a Velux window you won’t be leaking heat and pushing up your energy bills.

3.     Style and quality

Velux windows are available in a wide range of wood and UPVC finishes which will match your property. Velux windows are also manufactured to the highest quality and inspire confidence from installation and throughout continued use.

Do these benefits make Velux windows any good? They certainly help. But when you’re looking for new windows, you’re going to be looking at the extra light and the element of extra spaciousness that a skylight or roof window will create. To this end, Velux windows are an excellent choice of window because they’re available in a wide range of sizes and are guaranteed to flood your loft conversion with natural sunlight. What’s more, Velux windows are compatible with roller blinds and some can be remote-control operated.

Velux windows from Roundhay Roofing

And so, Velux windows aren’t just good, they’re excellent. If you are interested in Velux windows, you’ll be pleased to know that we can install new or replace existing windows with Velux windows, to give you all of the benefits mentioned above.

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